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The lord of your second house is jupiter and this year it will stay with rahu for. Read the full aries monthly horoscope for feuary and be sure to check back for your next monthly horoscope in march If the feet were tense, tight, sore, or unyielding, then a dose of peace and quiet in a tranquil atmosphere would be the first step towards healing. Harmonious and charm are the traits of men who are born under the sign of libra, which is why they are very popular to a lot of women.

All of the suggested careers for libras allow them to take part in engaging and challenging work with ample interaction with other people. Because of this, they're very successful in business the independent, self-reliant, determined part. A young woman with a crown of flowers on her head admires her reflection in the water. Horoscop zilnic leu poimaine june 24 birthdays astrology scorpio december horoscope ganeshaspeaks. You are a perfectionist above all and you have no rest until you optimize a situation, in each and every area, be it professional, pragmatic, aesthetic or in pleasure.

Your tenacity, reluctance to back down and sheer grit and determination will impress those in authority and your name appears on everyone's lips.

See your hair professional about a product that will offer you nutrients to keep your locks healthy. Back then, hijacking airliners was all the rage with international terrorists trying to call attention to their cause; There were several of those incidents.

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Pisces horoscope education annual horoscope in hindi astrological predictions for delhi election. Intentionally or not, that is a form of idolatry, which god forbids. It constitutes your main asset to manage your life. Com is a subdomain of the domain canalsony. Horoscop zilnic Acvaria.

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Big List of of the Top Websites Like acvaria. In functie de zodie. When the nationalist movement took the symbol of the two oxen with a plough ,this social message was there,but unfortunately it is no more with us. The dharma,humane felings,economy of a agricultural land all depended on cattle and Krishna the cowherdboy ,the protector of cattle become a sociopolitical symbol ,with his brother carrying a plough for irrigation with yamuna canalwater.

In November the stream of consciousness views the deforestation for exploitation,and the habit of planting Eucalyptus which is not good for rootsoil,and a dream of Advaithic nation with no such exploitation of nature. The economy should be equal to all. Then there is a short article written for Grihalaxmi weekly ,written as per request of the then editor. There are two diaries in One deals with immunopathology,neuroendocrine functions and is purely medical.

The other deals with Katha Upanishad and the Gita and also quotes from National parent teacher April an American journal. And in one of the college magazines one of my students Dr T. Nazer quoted this as said by a madam wearing a large kumkum on her forehead looking like a Brahmin lady. And that created a small tempest in the teapot of Pathology department where at that time there was only one Brahmin lady who was vehemently opposing that she has never said that and all others wondering who might have said that.

Then comes a nostalgic page. The 5th birthday of my son. He had given a picture of Christ and sweets to his sister Elizabeth in convent school and she had in return given a beautiful bouquet of flowers. I could see the dry petals of those flowers in my diary page with a short comment from me:When he is grown up and I am no more,he might one day see these as a remembrance of his childhood days and of his loving mother.

That year I had the first Gayathri darsan but I didnt write it down,because I thought that was just an illusion I had because of my tired brain. By ,I can see that the silly girl of has become a mature person. There are several film songs. Then a quote saying that for an intelligent woman the best relationship is the good companion pattern.

Because it is for the strongest initiative,intelligent persons. It is obvious that I had started to identify myself as an intelligent woman with initiative and strong too!! The phases of group problem solving and its awareness had helped me a lot in my later life as a teacher,pathologist ,administrator,and researcher. When I write this ,I have resigned from Amritha hospital for a special administrative reason. It is 4th and 5th stage of a group problem solving activity.

For a valuebased educational dream ,I had to set an example by that. Diary In the pages of it I fished out an old letter sent by Soolapaniwarrier to Bhanu. It is written on He says not to worry about my health but to think about his health. He says he has my birthchart with him and that the fractures might have occurred several times before the age of 11 years in childhood fall etc and will be naturally over with sukraapaharam transit of Venus and no need to do any parihaara remedy for that.

Then he says he remembers a tiny face of mine which he had seen long back in Nalapat. Then comes vivekananda,Socrates,social psychology,excerpts from quraan,geetharahasya,sriraamakrishnavachanamritha,biography of Marx,Gandhism,socialism and the concept of the 3 gayathridarsan in a row,Which had given me a shock as well as a calm and peace not known before. By 10 years from my love has become one for the entire universe!! I can go through that now by just reading through the pages of my streams of consciousness in these diaries!! I relive those moments of growth!

How Your Zodiac Sign Reacts When He Finds Someone New (And It's Really Over)

The next decade There are 4 diaries in 1. The kerala Govt diary:A Malayalam version of pathology was attempted at this stage. The data collected for an astrological research on cancer and other diseases,an opinion about the literary criticism discussion that was being published in Mathrubhoomi. There were many who were criticizing destructively. I felt The discussions should be impersonal. Should not cross barriers to the personal level.

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The syllabus committee of Sidharthasankar Ray,public philosophy of Walter Whitman,difference between a voter and a citizen,public interests,unbalanced budgets,communist manifesto and Jacobites dogmas,educational psychology ,how to improve and increase the selfconfidence of the people,and for what ,how to do selfanalysis and find out our own weaknesses and rectify them. Another Manorama diary:How to develop ethical sense in children? Rigveda,eduation,the Lumbini script Brahmi numismatics.

Has a woman the strength to face difficulties? The topic discussion in AIR The importance of joboriented education,wholistic education,planets,history,astrology,difference between samadhi and hypnotism,thaoism,Mithraeism,yogasidhi and realization of God. In December following these streams f consciousness we decided to take Brahmacharya from Kanyakumari. A radioprogramme on 3. How is our economy destroyed by the negative type of strikes?

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There is a letter written by Valiyamma Balamani amma within the pages of this diary. Cultivating extreme repugnance to worldly objects ,listening to the narratives of the sports of God,looking after the welfare of all beings ,abstaining from exploitation of others,bearing no illwill towards anyone,eschewing the company of nonbelievers of God,observing strict celibacy,refraining from gossip,resorting to meditation in solitude,remaining friendly and adopting austerity in food habits are some of the steps to attain God. Having gone through joys and sorrows,a person,who has thus controlled his mind,will develop detachment.

He will gradually withdraw himself from the world. March The music written for vasanthy on saibaba, Sankaracharya-the ekathmabharathasilpi,astrophysics,origin of moon theories astronomical calculations,Ptolemy,T. Map,preliterate societies and their culture,The challenge of teaching,the vansa of Mercury,The kalasarpayoga of Oct 30th. Unisan diary. Thirupathy mahotsava, brahmotsava chinese language,rain in North Arcot district from ,diary of Abhimon,notes for speeches,Brahmanalakshana,secrets of pyramids,mysteries and wonders from all over the world.

The boundary of preconscious ,purpose of calendar,discussion on arshagnana, 7. Dec Numismatics and psychology. Sriramachakra,pascals law,chandas,science of music,astronomical laws,difference of opinion with Dr Raaman ,time of vararuchi,his vakyam,brihadaranyaka guruparampara,9 jewels,29 vyasa,secret doctrine,susruthasamhitha,festivals of Singapore and Indonesia,their languages,research on women participation in academic chairs of calicut medical college,expanding role of women in sciences.

Susruthasanhitha,hindu mythology,and religion by John Dawson. In this decade came a few novels and ,comparative study of religions captioned ,. And Abhilash completed his school education and entered college. The next decade is There are 2 diaries in One deals with the cultural history of kerala and the other is part 3 of patheyam,the official part of my biography. Regarding pathology,research,administration and so on.

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Another diary is excerpts from new york academy of sciences on nature of native language acquisition,and foreign language acquisition.. Psychic phenomenon,precognition,psychokinesis,the meaning of psi,pk and methods of learning and teaching techniques ,the true aim of education,a useful change in behaviour,planning strategies to solve problems,vedanthasuthra with sribhashya of ramanuja,yagna in taithireeyasamhitha.

Then the next diary with historical studies and articles ,on lakshmanadesikendra,author of saradathilaka,jaipur observatory and instruments used in it,the contribution of India to archeological research,the magic world of pyramids,sound,language and numbers,the mythology of south and central America,scythians,shefa who visited Solomon ,the chera,chola,pandya and mooshakavansa history. Another one contains susruthasamhitha,saradaathilaka excerpts,and in one of them how monkeys are given artificial nirvana by an electronic brain experiment.

In amygdala are the memories of fear. Hippocampus is seat of memory. Ascending reticular activating system from lower one third of brainstem to posterior hypothalamus as seat of consciousness. The making of a poet-seamus Heaney ,W. Uthradam in utharayanabindu,is watery lunar,by nature and have love and discord with fire,both. They dominate in turn,in love making all the things into one,advaitha,and when they are in discord every thing in the world separate and this opposite states go on endlessly repeating.

Then two papercuttings on yesudas. Concepts of literature. How parents can help in developing overall personality of children —a speech for st Michels school calicut Oriental elements in 19th century romantic poetry Mudra a study of ujjainy by O. Krishnamurthy and the nameless experience by Rohit mehta,problems in ahmes papyrus,kumaon pictures,saraswathy chowky,dhooli chouki,numismatics.

D ouspensky,a preface to wordsworth,the prelude his poetic biography, That one is interesting. Wordsworth observes that our memories are selective and protects us from falling into the abyss of despair. This renewal happens when our imagination and mind are in control. These moments happen in childhood itself.

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And the memory lingers in old age even,protecting us. He had it at the age of I had at the age of Experience of Wordsworth:At the age of 5,while he was riding a horse ,he was gripped by a fear,and a vision helped himout of that fear. The vision was of a turf,a pool,a beacon and a woman. The greatness of man is created out of childhood experiences and we contribute ourselves something to the mere impressions. The childhood experiences were the sources of his creative power,and it was like a door suddenly opened and the memory of it lingered in later life Pratyabhigna of Indian He says The days goneby come back upon me from the dawn almost of life which signify the memory of past life.

C Philosophical research follows. The last of the diaries is on administration,management,education,pleides and the kabirim. The second one a speech for advocates association on love,a speech on how to make blood donation safe ,AIR Vachanamritham ,th birthday of ammaman symposium on poetry after nalapatan,inauguration by K. Narayana Pisharody and presided by Paayipra Radhakrishnan who wanted my susruthasamhitha for sahityaacademy after hearing my speech, The brontes,the respects paid to EMS and my speech on Roopabhadrathaavadam on the occasion..

Romantic imagination by C. Boura,difference between romantic and realist. Romantic sits alone with eyes turned inwards,realist sits in company ,among several people making lot of noise. A visionary or darsanika has 5 eyes like 5 faced shiva. He may see what the common man see or may not see that at all. But the darsana or vision of a visionary is never seen by a common man,and he lives in the sunrise of eternity as said by Blake. Romantist strongly feels that he ispart of the creation and creativity. Study o f devindra kohli on kamaladas excerpts.

Nair ,poem nishkramanam Balamani Amma. Chilappathikaram into Malayalam as poetry ,translation work done. Patheyam book 7. Dept of foreign languages:- influence of French literature on sociopolitical and cultural fields of kerala,notes on jesudas kutchery,sandranandam,on a adivasi mother who nostalgically remembers picking mahua flowers,a questionnaire of chilla magazine on sthree dharma answered,pumsavanam,yesudas conversations, Excerpts from diary of nalapat,on music,literature and life.

Recent developments by Eagleton,readeroriented theories,theoies of reader psychology,feminist criticism,political feminism,3 phases of gynocritics,as feminine,feminist and female phase,French feminist critical theory,Laccan communication and leadership,assessing quality and quantity of work done,the crest of the peacock,ambergriss,Phoenician religion and temple,mitotic cycle,agni as regular pyramid or tetrahedron,earth as cube or hexahedron,air as octahedron ,water as icosahedron,akasa as dodecahedron with a central pentagon.

Thodaas, Sushumna suryachakradhyanam and Aavaahanam of Krishna from sun to heart. All the 7 swaraas are contained in the golden colour. On Thirunaava,volcano eruptions,earthquakes,kutch lipi,platonic solids,fullerene and garudane. Response management in organizations,risk analysis in decisionmaking,crisis management,TQM,leadership problems,ohio model,traits to be possessed,guidelines,inertia between coordinates the theories of Einstein.

Souvarnam ,mandukyakarika,Wittgenstein,a study on Viennese positivism,visions of vedic poets,varieties of religious experiences,critical exposition of philosophy of leibniz,hegel and modern philosophy,hindu view of art,thaithareeyam,translation as discovery,literature,social consciousness and polity,reality knowledge of value,truth as cocorrespondence —existentialist view concept of praamanu in navyanyaya school.

Man as transcendence,jyothisha a comprison,mundakam and mandukyam,media and women a speech sandilyabhakthisoothra with swapneswarabhashya. Huge of st victor three types of music. Human music 1. Godmade vocal from the body as daiveeveena 2. Instrumental music which is manmade. We are not seeing truth ,we are hearing and listening to it.